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correspondent Liu its given the reporter Chan Wing

20 is louboutin Father's Day in Gaoyou , a 72 -year-old injured arm , the burden of the family fell upon him full . Increase revenue to help multi- family , this strong old man every morning to have insisted on heading out to harvest farmland  
20 afternoon hollister uk , the reporter in Gaoyou Man tour on the road to see the hollister the humpback old man , I saw a car fitted with four pockets wheat . Elderly bare chested , to struggling Dengzhe old tricycle . The body stooped elderly people encounter when climbing huddled body , the abercrombie whole body close to the handlebar ahead .
humpbacked old man called Qian Zhi , who lives in Gaoyou Sun scarpe hogan Factory Road North , at home with his wife , daughter and 12 -year-old granddaughter of four . The end of last year , when the work of the painter 's son , was killed. According to its introduction , due to his old , heavy work can not do it , picked up roadside garbage every busy season , own suburban cropland pick the ears of corn and stalks hollister france of rice harvest the rest of the messy earned money All used to support their family . These days , his day pedaling riding 60 miles to pick up wheat .

money the old man every day more than 3:00 minutes , got up , cooked a breakfast finished home on RBI the luggage began the day's work . Every morning Shaoshang a big bottle of cold water , hand-made bread is their own lunch , before riding a tricycle returned to the dark night . Hot day day dry- down louboutin pas cher , if you are lucky , you can pick up 300 kilos hollister uk of wheat . Old money of his wife is 4 years younger than him , just two months ago karen millen , however , his wife at home accidentally fell and broke his arm . Today, the only home to do a simple job , the heavy work had to be completed by the old abercrombie money . The old man hollister france said , as long as they have the strength to cycling , will continue to hogan outlet act , it stops until dry .


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